T’was the night before payroll
And all through the house
Not a creature was sleeping
Not even a mouse

The entrepreneur’s mind was spinning
As she lay in her bed
While visions of failure
Danced through her head

With all of her effort
And all of her might
She was trying and trying
But it still wasn’t right

Not enough revenue!
Not enough sales!
Can kill a young company
She’d heard all the tales

She’d sought help from others
From near and from far
Then a friend told her
Check out Hidden Star

With their grants and great tools
And expert advice
She was confident their help
Would make it all right

So, she joined the community
Didn’t cost her a dime
She finally found what she needed
After all of this time

There were folks just like her
A group of her peers
Their advice and support
Helped overcome her fears

Now sales are up
The improvement is showing
With help and hard work
Her company is growing!

Now the night before payroll
Is no longer a scare
She can rest easy
The money is there.

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