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Galaxy of Stars is brought to you by Hidden Star, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs since 2016. When you support Galaxy of Stars, you’re helping us to provide even more resources, tools, and grants to women and minority owned businesses.

Why become a Galaxy of stars ambassador?

Earn Commission

Earn $100 for every 10 people who purchase a Galaxy Plus membership and put you down as a reference.

It is that easy!

There is no limit to how much you can earn.

Marketing Assets Library

Everything you need to succeed as an ambassador is available in our frequently updated ambassador asset library. Click the button below to check out all of the sample social media posts, graphics, and more!

Support Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Our online community helps women and minority entrepreneurs find advice, support, resources, and more. Help entrepreneurs and small business owners thrive by telling them about Galaxy!

Continued Support

Our team is committed to your success, because we believe we are a true partnership. We provide countless resources to help you succeed, and we are always available via email if you have any questions.


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How It Works

Tell People In Your Network

Spread the word about Galaxy of Stars to friends, colleagues, you name it! You can tell anyone who you think would benefit from our services. Check out marketing assets available here.

Give Them Your Email For Reference

Be sure to give your referrals your email address, and ask them to put you down as a reference when they sign up for a Galaxy Plus membership. If you would like to use your name or a code instead of your email, that works too! Just be sure to email us to let us know.

Start Earning!

It's that easy! For every 10 new members you refer, we will email you a $100 e-gift card. We provide regular reports on your sales, and offer prompt payment for your referrals.

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Our Audience

Galaxy of Stars is an online community tailored to helping women and minority entrepreneurs in their journey to starting or growing their own businesses. The information on this platform is beneficial to anyone who is thinking of starting a business, whether it be full time or on the side. It also includes tons of helpful information for entrepreneurs who already have a business and would like to know how to scale it up, find funding, or create a more organized business structure. 

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Entrepreneurs know first hand how difficult it can be to start and maintain a successful business. Help aspiring entrepreneurs in their journey by sharing Galaxy of Stars!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to be an ambassador?

No need! Just simply tell people who you refer to be sure to put your email in the “Referred by” field when they’re signing up. We’ll handle the rest, and notify you when you reach 10 sales!

What marketing assets are provided?

We provide ambassadors with a variety of assets that can be used in marketing efforts, such as:

  • Marketing content optimized for a variety of social media platforms
  • Product descriptions
  • Weekly post ideas
  • Seasonal content and discounts
  • Countless graphics, logos, and ad creatives
  • & much more

Click the button below to check out our ambassador assets page!

Do I need to get approval before posting?

Nope! No approval necessary – post away! Just be sure to use the hashtags  #GalaxyOfStars & #GalaxyPlus and tag us so we can see your posts.

Can I make my own content?

You sure can! We love seeing what our affiliates come up with to spread the word about Galaxy of Stars.

What is Hidden Star?

Hidden Star is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women and minority entrepreneurs in their journeys to starting or growing successful businesses. Since Hidden Star’s founding in 2016, it has helped countless of women and minority enterprises through financial assistance, advice, and other free services. In 2019, wanting to reach even more entrepreneurs, Hidden Star started Galaxy of Stars, an online hub with tons of resources and tools for small business owners.


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