How Do I Get Started?


Hidden Star and Galaxy of Stars are committed to helping women and minority entrepreneurs succeed. Whether you already have a company or are thinking about starting one, there are spectacular services and tools here to help you

Galaxy’s Free Resources:

  1. Register to win a Galaxy Grant. The entry process is free and easy.
  2. Check out Galaxy University for solid articles, websites, videos, books, etc that can help you.
  3. Also, check out our Resources page for a list of trusted resources
  4. View the Galaxy Business Directory for a list of women and minority owned businesses.

Galaxy Plus Member Benefits:

  1. Automatic grant registration for every Galaxy Grant – never miss out again
  2. Access to entrepreneurship e-book: The What to Do, Who to Ask, Where to Turn Guide for New Entrepreneurs
  3. Members only message boards. Get advice, give advice, make new connections. Our 350,000+ members can help YOU!
  4. Master Class course content – All of the incredible supporting materials for the Hidden Star Master Class
  5. Upgraded and more frequent emails featuring resources, tips, and funding opportunities
  6. Grant opportunities and other new funding sources
  7. List of revenue and income opportunities available to women and minority owned businesses
  8. Continued education via suggested blog posts and articles
  9. Webinars with various experts in assorted specialties
  10.   Virtual Q&A sessions with successful entrepreneur Dr. John Sibley Butler,  and Hidden Star founder Mike Dewey
  11.   List your business in the Galaxy Business Directory and check out the other businesses listed there as well
  12.   If you don’t already have a website and need one, check out our FREE website builder and hosting
  13.   If you still need help, we have great experts available to talk with you about your specific question. Just visit this page and fill out the form and we will set up a call

Looking for even more information? Check Out Our Master Class: Entrepreneurship for Women and Minority Founders.

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