How Do I Get Started

If you have a company now or if you have decided to start a company (or just thinking about it), there are really great, free services and tools here to help you.

  1. Download the free book, “The What to Do, Who to Ask, Where to Turn Guide for New Entrepreneurs”. There is a pre-start checklist on Page 5 and great guidance throughout. Click here to get your copy.
  2. Enter to win a Galaxy Grant. This is free money you can use for your company.
  3. Check out Galaxy University for solid articles, websites, videos, books, etc that should help you. Also check out our Resources section for sources you can trust. Our staff has checked out each of these.
  4. If you don’t already have a website and need one, check out our FREE website builder and hosting. No fees or payment ever.
  5. If you have a company, list your company in the Galaxy Directory. It is easy and quick and will help you get more sales and revenue. A huge side benefit, it will REALLY help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results so you can be seen by lots more potential buyers. Totally Free.
  6. Go to our Forums section. Talk to other entrepreneurs like you, facing the same issues as you are, about problems, solutions, tips, and tricks. It is a safe place to get advice and give advice. Give it a try, it is awesome.
  7. If you still need help, set up a free call with our experts. Fill out this form and our coordinators will set it up. Free.

Everything here is free, so please take advantage. There is something here for everyone. Good luck!!