The course is led by accomplished entrepreneurs Dr. John Sibley Butler, Patricia Coskey, and Mike Dewey, the visionary founder of Hidden Star. The course also includes insights from three expert guest speakers addressing topics such as AI, legal frameworks, and marketing strategies.

Proceeds from this course are channeled into Hidden Star’s efforts to further assist budding entrepreneurs on their path to owning a business.

This Master Class is not just an educational journey, but a transformative experience with the potential to change the lives of women and minority entrepreneurs, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to build prosperous businesses.

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Course Syllabus

Section 1: An Introduction to Women & Minority Entrepreneurship

Chapter 1: History of Minority-Owned Businesses

Chapter 2: How Starting a Company is Different & Harder for Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Chapter 3: Rules of the Game

Chapter 4: Taking the Plunge

Section 2: Planning & Preparation for Your Business

Chapter 1: Pre-Start Checklist

Chapter 2: Mistakes to Avoid

Chapter 3: Feasibility: Can This Be a Business

Section 3: Business Plans & Funding Your Business

Chapter 1: Writing & Presenting a Business Plan

Chapter 2: Sources of Financing for for Your Business

Chapter 3: Sources of Financing Especially for Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Chapter 4: Setting Up: Legal

Section 4: Fundamentals of Managing & Marketing

Chapter 1: Running Your Business: Things You "Gotta Do"

Chapter 2: Sources of Contracts & Revenue Especially for Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Management

Chapter 4: Getting Customers & Social Media Marketing

Section 5: How to Become Smart with Your Money

Chapter 1: Accounting & Finance: The Language of Business

Chapter 2: Taxes & Filings

Section 6: Artificial Intelligence & Helpful Resources

Chapter 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & You

Chapter 2: Resources for New Entrepreneurs

Chapter 3: Ok...Now What?

Chapter 4: You Can Do It!

What's Included?

5.5 hours of video learning content

Ongoing support and mentorship from instructors

Ready to use templates

Ability to network and interact with other people taking the course in real time

100% money back guarantee

… & much more!