Tips & Advice on Applying for Grants

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Small business grants offer a way for business owners to get money that can help them grow their business, without having to worry about paying back funds.

Typically offered through nonprofits, government agencies, and corporations, some grants focus on specific types of business owners or specific industries.

Small business grants can be a great funding option for startups, as well as for businesses that can’t qualify for traditional debt financing.

Read on to learn about the grant application process, tips for getting grants, and other grant-related resources!

Types of Grants

Government Grants

Grants offered by some kind of government entity. This can be on the federal, state, and local level.

Private Grants

Grants awarded by non-corporate and corporate entities, e.g. a business offering a small business grant.

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Preparing to apply

To search for the perfect grants to apply for, check out our Grant Finder. In it you will find both nationally available grants, and regionally available grants with all of the information you need – including the application deadline, grant amount, link, description, and more!

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