Community Forum Awards

Want to win $100? Just for creating a new discussion on the community forums?
Read how below.

The Galaxy Community Forum is a great place to meet other entrepreneurs, get advice, share your story, and more!


Every week, Galaxy of Stars is awarding $100 to the member who’s discussion post in the community forum gets the most comments. It’s just that easy!

Contest Rules

In order to win the weekly contest, your discussion post must adhere to the following rules and terms:

  1. Discussion post must be genuinely about entrepreneurship or business.
  2. Discussion post must be your original thought or question – no copying other members’ posts.
  3. The comments must be generated through genuine interactions and interest. Comment baiting, or comment-spamming your own post will result in your post being disqualified from that week’s contest.



  • Each week will begin on Monday at 12:00 AM Central Time.
  • Each week will end on Sunday at 11:59 PM Central Time.
  • Winner will be notified on Monday by 5:00 PM Central Time via email.
  • Visa gift card will be dispersed by Friday at 5:00 PM Central Time via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is comment baiting?

Comment baiting is encouraging people to leave a specific comment on your post. In this scenario, the poster isn’t asking for a particularly insightful thought or opinion – they’re just trying to rack up as many comments as possible.

What is comment spamming?

Comment spamming is when you comment repeatedly on the same post, without adding any real information or insights to the discussion.

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