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      Please share with our community the best piece of business you ever got!

      I’ll start… an early mentor of mine told me this:

      For a business, cash is like oxygen. I’ll be you haven’t thought about oxygen in a while but if someone sucked all the air out of the room, you would not think about anything else.

      When companies run low on cash they do stupid stuff. Make sure you keep track of the cash in the business and have an early warning system.

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      This is an excellent piece of advice. I watched a motivational video that reminds me of this. The video discussed the freedom you gain when you focus on one goal and don’t let anything stop you from winning.

      The best business advice I’ve ever received is to build a team that shares my vision. A project where I am working with like-minded individuals brings the best out of me and my abilities. I’ve accomplished this in the past by being transparent about my goals.

      – Marco

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      The best advice I got was to make sure I was selling our products for a high enough price. Sounds pretty basic, but it takes discipline to buy stuff for $1 and sell it for $3; rather than $2 (double). Running a business costs a lot of money and you gotta make sure youor margins are high enough.

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      The best business advice that I ever received was: If you are thinking of starting a business, discover what your passion is and build your business around that – that way you are living in your passion and it will not feel like work. You will always be interested in the best outcome because you are passionate about it.

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      I have the say the best advice I ever received was just to remember that everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time. When I think about that before making a big decision, I’m less likely to question myself about things like “am I good enough for this?” I’ve always found it helpful before working to market something because I know not everyone will agree with or like everything that I do, but that doesn’t make them any better than me. It also keeps me grounded by reminding me that I am not any better than anyone else. We are all human, imperfect, but perfect for the lives we are living.

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      What about a Blogging job, being safe at home as a blogger, your own time, can make really good money part time side job,
      Imagine full time.

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      The best business advice I ever got was in the form of a question: “Why did you quit?” – regarding a business that I had started on the fly, that was more than profitable, but I didn’t know a thing about running a business! I did great at figuring out how to make a free website, free business cards,and even how to do some word of mouth marketing. I was staying busy! But I didn’t know about taxes, most especially, so I chickened out, closed up shop and have been waiting for the right nudge to get me back in the saddle! I want to do it up to where I can even hire employees and make this business boom!! So, why did I quit? I needed to come find *you*! Any other path would’ve taken me anywhere but here, and that simply would not do! Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m Tiffany Joyevna, hostess of a web-based pagan/neo-Christian faith journey that focuses using tarot,prayers, chakrawork and other spells and faith-based approaches at life’s unique journeys, I hope to be up and running in the next 6 months or so! See you there!

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      Don’t be afraid of taking risk. All millionaires have failed at one time. 😍

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      Google! That’s was all they said. The rest is history 9 years to be exact.

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      The best business advice I ever got was that in order to stop working in< my business/em> and be able to focus my work on my business, I need to record my processes and establish them as a system to grow and scale my team.

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      Never quit. Always keep your eves, your ears and your mind open and fully examine the information that comes to you.

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