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      Hello. I launched my online boutique on the 25th of May. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I only made one sale. I have traffic on my site daily. I Tried everything. Please help.

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      Hey, Kburns! First of all, congratulations on your boutique launch!

      There could be many reasons for this problem, so it’s hard to pinpoint the issue without a deep review. It could be tied on your brand strategy, your marketing strategy, your messaging, how all of these things communicate with your target market, your price point, the ease of navigating your website, or even a button on the website not working.

      It’s been a while since this post; is this still an issue? Have you consulted with anyone since then to review what’s going on?

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      We are not sure what is wrong either because you have not described how you are promoting it. You said “tried everything”- what is everything, so we do not recommend that to you. Are you posting fresh content on social media daily? Using video? Using relevant hashtags to find proper audience? Have you tried pop-ups/ being a vendor at events so people can see/ buy and sign up for a email list?

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      Hey Kburns, I have a healthy bit of traffic to my site. Maybe I can offer you an opportunity of some digital marketing that can expose you to several markets that are already established. I like the points that everyone else has shared also. Maybe you can contact them also for support. Good luck to you, #enylg #mercifulfarms

Viewing 3 reply threads
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