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      Hi Galaxy entreperenurs and galaxy of stars team!

      I’m Raphael. I’m an ten year entrepreneur, six year vegan, a disabled entrepreneur (speech impediment, though my speech is mostly understandable by most people and has improved over the course of majority of my life) and I’m the owner, masterbaker, founder and pioneer of Raphael’s Donuts, the world’s first and most established diabetic-safe, allergy-safe, gluten-free vegan donut brand and company in history, based in Pontiac, born in Flint in 2014 out of inspiration from my late adoptive mom’s history of type two diabetes. We make and sell donuts and donut ballz that are naturally sweetened with agave and stevia, oven-baked with chickpea flour with no tree nuts, soy, yeast, peanuts, coconuts, refined sugars and GMOs, and are low glycemic load with three flavors having the lowest net carb counts — Chocolate Paprika with 6, Pumpkin Spiced with 4 and Green Lemon with 10. We have 12 year-round flavors overall, including our top 3 most popular flavors: Peach Mango Explosion, Apple Cinnamon Spiced, and Pumpkin Spiced. Our products are sold on our website on for nationwide shipping, home delivery and pickup and in 8 retailers across Michigan, Indiana and California. Our long term goal for our brand is to have our donut products in every retailer, big and small, in America.

      In most retailers, our products are sold frozen and can be microwaved for a minute before munching on them. They’re also well refrigerated for ten days. Many of our fans which include diabetics and vegans love our products and benefit greatly from eating them enjoyably because our products improve blood sugar levels, lowering or keep them steady throughout the day. To them, they easily eat them without their blood sugars rising and without harming themselves or the animals since there’s no animal products used in them. We’ve been featured in many publications including Flint Journal, The Oakland Press, Voyage Ohio magazine and Fox 2 Detroit.

      I’d love to network with some entreperenurs and of course look for more business grants to keep Raphael’s Donuts growing upwards. Nice to meet every one of you!!!

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