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      I have been struggling for months pouring all of my savings into my restaurant I don’t have strong business or personal credit. And my has been at $0 for over a week. I need help what am I doing wrong

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      Hi my name is Frederick and I just opened my own business,and I’ve been applying for loans over 60 and haven’t received a dime and it’s frustrating so my question is how can I immediately funding through grants or how do I apply this site is giving me the runarounds

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      Hi friend!
      If you ask me how I came with the invention Idea of creating the new face mask. I was watching the
      news on TV They show two nurses wearing the mask and they left the mask I so Scars on their cheeks
      I felt bad I said to myself, I have to find a way to Make a suitable face mask to be more Confutable.
      I start to work on the design of the first Mask I make the first Mask I try it was more comfortable
      Then the mask is attached to the ears.
      I bought the materials I make some masks I give them to some of my Family members’
      friend’s Neighbors and some local businesses all said your Mask works
      Will thumps up I felt great at that moment.Mask Hook and Loop
      Now time to manufacture the mask and make Many users are more comfortable.
      The money I have saved I spinet it on the patent.
      Thank you for helping us build the business of our dreams.

      Utility Pending patent
      Application Number 63075195
      Confirmation Number 6284
      Title of Invention Mask Hook and Loop

      Thank you for helping us build the business of our dreams.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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