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      I currently have a new gift business, that I started this year. My personal credit is not great, been working on that. In the meantime I have depleted my little bit of savings on getting my business set up as an LLC. I work full time so take a little out of each check to by my business equipment and supplies. I have a website, but have not sold anything online yet. I do want to get a professional site and build up my gift inventory but financial funding is a major deal. I am determined to turn this business into a lucrative venture for me and my family. Any and all advice on a great business plan etc. would be helpful and appreciated. I am looking for a mentor as well. I think that will go a long way in getting my business running like I know it can.

      Thank you.

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      Whats the name of your business??

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      My business is mostly web oriented (my background is computers with over 20 years of experience), from a couple of years of experience I can say one of the most important things to grow your web presents is to ADVERTISE. I can’t stress this enough, my website also barely got a few visitors daily for many months until I created ads and posted them on advertising sites such as social media and suddenly it was FLOODED with visitors, I got like 7-8 times more than before the ads. Do advertise your site otherwise it will just linger there forever, and of course keep updating it with new things no less than weekly. Advertising and keeping it ‘live’ and fresh is one of the greatest return you can have for your web presents.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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