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  • Kristi

    March 21, 2023 at 6:03 pm

    Hi everyone!

    I see no one has responded here in a while, but I am here to provide a little insight with the questions/topics that @caribinterlink stated.

    First: How to write a successful business grant that will not be overlooked in the funding process: It seems like a simple answer, but doing so can get a little tricky. Being someone who has secured over 3million in funding/contracts for my clients, the best way to answer this is, give them exactly what they ask for. Use the requirements and questions as an outline to write your proposal, or make sure that your program (or whatever you are going after funding for) aligns within what that grantor is asking/looking for.

    Second: How to connect with manufacturers who would assist in building a prototype: I’m not sure how to give direction on this one, because it’s such a broad questions/topic. However, I can give the advice of looking into companies who may be up and coming and are willing to donate in-kind services in the development of said prototype. Once you get specific, you can target larger companies or corporations to persuade for give back in helping you build.

    Third: How to apply for a grant if you have employees: Very simple. The same way you would apply if you were a nonprofit with volunteers. Except now, you have a basis for overhead costs, that directly affect your scope and quality of service. Think capacity building when you approach this, and you’ll be okay!

    That’s as much free game as I have for you today, but if I come back and there seems to be an area I can help, I surely will!