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  • Louis

    December 4, 2022 at 3:33 am

    I need to ask how others are dealing with racism and segregation issues? I’m a middle aged Native American female and my primary active business partner is a fellow tribal member and distant cousin who is an elder female. The way we are treated when we are attempting to conduct business is outrageous more often than not. During phone calls everything is fine until they begin asking questions and I must answer with “Native American” and/or “Church” and then suddenly their voices change, go hollow, and they pass me off to people who don’t answer emails, voicemails, and don’t keep regular office hours I have access to. We are searching for property to build our homestead and cultural teaching camp on and it has been made very clear to us that we are unwelcome in the communities where we desire to be/work/live. My husband has a full time job he needs and wants to maintain, so it limits our radius to relocate so he can commute safely but we are being pushed to that extreme limit, which will force a 2 hr commute for him each way. We can’t ask about obtaining permits or about zoning or anything else if the local officials refuse to communicate with us!?!

    At only a year into this journey I am saddened, shocked, and frustrated at how it seems to get worse by the day. We have already faced discrimination from a public library who insists we are the “opposing view” of our own history, experiences, and culture, so won’t let us in their door with our materials. (But this summer they allowed a non native created display ABOUT us to stand as “our truth”)

    I am scratching my head and starting to panic because this is preventing us from raising the much needed funding to start our homestead teaching camp. While we are content to move to the fringe edges of our allowable area to do our thing, how do we secure funding in such an openly hostile environment? Try to find volunteers for anything? Hahaha. We’re too scary for that? I don’t know but it’s depressing and we are struggling and could sure use some advice.
    Miigwetch/Thanks in advance!