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  • Kristi

    March 3, 2021 at 6:35 pm

    I think it depends on the type of research you’re trying to do. I conducted my own research over a four month period (qual and quant). I was studying a very difficult, and not well-researched topic of workplace mistreatment and misconduct from an employee perspective. I learned I’m not that great of a researcher so I pulled in a consultant who spent about four hours greatly improving my survey. This really matters b/c I collected over 600 completed responses, and, had I not pulled in the consultant, I think the responses would not have been nearly as usable (I still found some inconsistencies post-survey but nothing that prevented me from using and sharing the data).

    The student may or may not be qualified to conduct the research. Also, in WA State, we are not allowed to use volunteers for for-profit businesses without compensation so that’s something you’ll want to consider based on your state labor laws.

    I have a colleague that is an adjunct professor in CA who has his students conduct research as part of their coursework, but they also have other professors and student aids who help them with the research to ensure the results are usable. If you’re going with an MBA or PhD candidate, you’re probably a lot safer.

    I wasn’t able to directly answer this question but I thought some of my context might help. Research is fun, though. I hope you enjoy the process.