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  • Deleted User

    Deleted User
    March 17, 2023 at 11:30 am

    As a woman in the transportation industry, without startup funding, lack of support, and being a one-person show because you could not afford an assistant has its greatest challenges. I have learned in the service side you lose a lot of money before you make money. Typically, customers cry about the fees you are charging and want a discount. You compromise and reduce your fee to keep the clients. Some seek your failure; others offer financial assistance and then turn you away because their terms and your ethics are not equally yoked. Others will throw a block in your way accompanied by processes of elimination for you.
    Racism and discrimination among persons of color have also been challenging. Whether American, Caribbean, African, or Middle Eastern overall, worldwide the nationality stigma is stifling for women in a male-dominated field. Know thyself be open to everyone cautious of your surrounding adapt to various cultures and how they conduct business and watch your clientele grow.

    My biggest lesson learned is perseverance. Don’t focus on the competition, took control of my worth, stood firm on service fees, knitted myself in business ethics, and continue to seek resources and other opportunities. I also learned not to downsize my business ideas-company name- and my motto that reflect me rather than business motos that gain consumers and lack integrity.

    I saw that we may all be equipped with an ingredient for success but lack the resources and connectors. Through this, I have also learned this is not a stumbling block I was being prepared for something greater, and/or my direction was being shifted slightly in the same direction but with broader opportunities or protection. Most importantly, never stop learning what you love because you will find it does not have to become a dead-end business.