Ambassador Terms & Conditions

The Galaxy of Stars Ambassador Program is designed to involve our most passionate and active members in the promotion of our products and services. Participants in the program (“Ambassadors”) must be committed to sharing and promoting our brand within their community.

Program Enrollment

Participation in the Ambassador program does not require a formal registration process. To become an ambassador, simply refer our products to a friend. When creating their membership, your friend must enter your email address, name, or code (see below) in the “Referred by” field to link the referral to you. This enables you to benefit from rewards and incentives based on the purchases of those you refer. 

If you would like to create a unique ambassador code or use your name, please send the following information to members@galaxyofstars.org:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Unique code, if desired (For example: GalaxyGrace or JohnSmith)
  • How you plan to promote Galaxy (social media, word of mouth, etc.)

By referring friends, followers, colleagues, etc. to Galaxy of Stars, you become a Galaxy of Stars Ambassador and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Compensation and Incentives

Ambassadors will receive a $10 commission on each sale generated through their referrals, to be paid in $100 increments, each time an ambassador reaches 10 referrals. 

Payments are made monthly via e-gift card, to be sent by email, provided the Ambassador has reached a minimum threshold of 10 referrals. PLEASE ENSURE WE HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS ON FILE FOR YOU AND THAT IT IS CORRECT. If you are not sure, please email members@galaxyofstars.org

Referrals carry over month to month, so if you have 24 referrals at the end of January, you will be paid $200 for your January referrals and start February with 4 referrals.

Payment Schedule with Trial Periods

Ambassadors will earn commissions on referrals that successfully convert to paid transactions. For referrals that include a trial period, no compensation will be awarded until after the trial period has concluded and payment from the referred customer has been received. This approach ensures the legitimacy and durability of new customer acquisitions. Ambassadors will be paid for qualifying referrals in their next scheduled payment cycle following the successful conclusion of the transaction, including the receipt of payment from the customer.

Intellectual Property

Ambassadors have the flexibility to utilize promotional content provided on the Ambassador Resources page or create their own original content. While prior approval is not required for posting promotional content, ambassadors must adhere to our brand guidelines. Ambassadors are required to modify or remove any content at the request of the Galaxy of Stars team. This measure ensures that all promotional materials align with our brand’s values and public image. 

Ambassadors who choose to create their own content agree to grant Galaxy of Stars an irrevocable, royalty-free license to use any content created for the program in our marketing materials. 

All content available on the Ambassador Resources Page is free to ambassadors to use, granted they are used in accordance with our brand guidelines.

Code of Conduct and Termination Policies

Ambassadors must not engage in any illegal, misleading, or offensive activities while representing Galaxy of Stars. Read on for details. 

Any breach of this code may result in immediate termination of the ambassadorship and forfeiture of any pending commissions.

Prohibited Actions

Fraudulent Referrals: Ambassadors are prohibited from engaging in or facilitating fraudulent activities, including but not limited to creating fake accounts, making deceptive purchases, or manipulating referrals in any manner that falsely represents genuine interest and transactions.

Monitoring and Verification

Verification Process: Galaxy of Stars reserves the right to monitor and verify all referrals to ensure compliance with our terms. This process may include, but is not limited to, auditing transactions, checking for duplicate accounts, and confirming the legitimacy of the purchase and purchaser.

Additionally, to deter fraudulent activity, Galaxy of Stars retains the right to charge a $1 activation fee for any account we suspect to be created fraudulently. This fee is part of our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our program and protecting genuine participants.

Consequences for Fraudulent Activities

Penalties: Any ambassador found to be engaging in fraudulent activities will be immediately removed from the program. Additionally, they will forfeit any accrued rewards and may be subject to legal action depending on the severity of the fraud.

Reporting Suspected Fraud

Whistleblower Policy: If you suspect another ambassador of fraud, we encourage you to report this to us immediately. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our ambassador program and appreciate your cooperation in these efforts. Reports can be made anonymously and will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Our Mission and Community Impact

Ethical Considerations: Galaxy of Stars was created by Hidden Star, a proud nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs and small business owners. By engaging in fraudulent activities against our programs, individuals are not only violating legal and ethical standards but are also undermining the support systems designed to uplift the entrepreneurship and small business communities. Attempting to scam Galaxy of Stars and/or Hidden Star harms the very individuals who are most in need of the opportunities we strive to provide. We urge all participants to act with integrity and consider the broader impact of their actions on the community we are committed to helping.

Confidentiality Agreement

Ambassadors agree to keep any confidential information they learn while being an ambassador, such as upcoming product launches, secret.

Representation and Warranties

Ambassadors warrant that they will not falsely represent themselves as employees of the company.

Ambassadors warrant that they will represent the brand in a professional manner and not engage in any activities that could harm the brand’s reputation.

Limitation of Liability

Galaxy of Stars is not liable for any injuries or damages of any type whatsoever that occur as a result of participating in the Ambassador program.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding the Ambassador Program, please contact us at gethelp@galaxyofstars.org